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Curious to learn more about Higher Self Yoga  – but don’t know where to start? Register to attend an online class or access one from our archives all from the comfort of your own home. Taught by advanced Higher Self Yoga members, our virtual classes offer you the opportunity to learn new exercises and techniques as we seek to decode spirituality, making it simple, engaging and easy to access for everyone.

Dr. Susan Lord

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Connecting with the Higher Self: The Art & Science of Joyful Living

Classes begin Tuesday, November 27th, 2018!

Connecting with the Higher Self: The Art & Science of Joyful Living is a 10 session course taught by the distinguished Dr. Susan B. Lord. Register below to attend the first introductory course for FREE.

The following concepts of Higher Self Yoga will be integrated into the curriculum of the program:

    -How to contact and nurture the Higher Self
    -How western science explains how living a yogic life changes and heals us, moving from stress toward relaxation so we live more thoughtfully and less reactively
    -What is meditation and how to establish a practice
    -Increasing self-awareness, self-knowledge
    -What is self love
    -Techniques to understand your psychology

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