Find a Mentor.

Discover and deepen your relationship with the Higher Self through our personalized, one-on-one mentorship program. Our mentors are advanced members of Higher Self Yoga’s community who can offer insights from their own experiences and act as a source of guidance while maintaining a safe, supportive, and open environment.

Find a Mentor

Do you have a question you’d like answered by a Higher Self Yogi spiritual mentor? After submitting your question, you will receive a personal reply from a qualified member of the Higher Self Yoga. By pairing with a mentor, you can learn firsthand what it’s like to be a part of the HSY community.

  • HSY Mentors will share personal experiences and insights.
  • Mentorship can help you find your own solutions for life's obstacles and challenges, whether at work or in relationships.
  • Mentorship can help you discover personal methods on how to stay focused and calm during times of inner turmoil.
  • Mentorship can teach you how to be open to positive life changes.

Attend a Class

We provide an extensive series of free classes online for a deeper study and broader sharing of the Higher Self Yoga practices. Each class has a moderator who assigns readings and questions. Participants are asked to reflect on the material and share responses with fellow classmates. Students are then invited to offer feedback ‘from the heart’ on what others have shared.

Higher Self Yoga for Men

HSY for Men is the first online destination designed for men interested in spiritual yoga.  We provide an environment for men to journey through self-discovery and spiritual growth without judgement.

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Higher Self Yoga for Parents

HSY for Kids & Parents is a resource for families interested in introducing spiritual yoga into their daily life.  Introducing mindfulness and meditation to children at a young age can help build resilience, awareness and a stronger connection to their own inner source of calm.

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