Connecting with the Higher Self:
The Art & Science of Joyful Living Workshop

Connecting with the Higher Self: The Art & Science of Joyful Living is a 10-session virtual workshop based on the teachings of Higher Self Yoga, founded by Nanette V. Hucknall.  This workshop will help you create beautiful, radical change by teaching you simple and effective methods on how to navigate the physiological and psychological effects of stress and the mind-body skills to promote a balanced life.

Through meditation, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, journaling, and other curated exercises, you’ll learn how to apply practices in your daily life to find meaning, purpose, and a sense of peace and joy—which will transform your life in awe-inspiring ways you may never have thought possible.

The Art & Science of Joyful Living workshop is presented through video as Dr. Susan Lord is teaching each course live. You’ll be catapulted into the audience and feel the energy of the group. Throughout the ten 1-hour sessions, Dr. Lord shares her personal experience of connecting with the Higher Self and how you too can get in touch with and nurture the Higher Self in your own life. Each week’s video focuses on a different theme to help you achieve miraculous results in every area of your life. Throughout the workshop, you will follow-along with the exercises and homework assignments so you’ll discover the tools and techniques to live a more peaceful, resilient and loving life.

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Session #1
Introduction to Meditation Part 1: the Power of Intention

In our first session we will dive in to the basics of meditation and the power of intention.  Dr. Lord will guide you through a basic seated meditation and teach you effective tips on how to start meditating consistently. A key theme in this session will be the power of intention and how focused intention can support our will to accomplish what is in our best interests.

Session #2

Introduction to Meditation Part 2: How to Live Mindfully

Part 2 of Intro to Meditation will go over different types and variations of meditation from concentrative meditation to movement meditation and eating meditation to contemplation meditation.  A key theme in this session will be how to use these different modes of meditation to live more mindfully and find joy in our daily life.   

Session #3

Higher Self Yoga & the Nervous System

We are wired to deal effectively with a certain level of stress in our lives, but there must also be
relaxation, joy, and fun to restore balance. Dr. Lord will go over the science of Higher Self Yoga and teach you ways to relieve stress every day through good nutrition, movement, relaxation techniques and doing activities we enjoy.

Session #4
Interoception & Cultivating Our Inner Life Handout

Dr. Lord introduces you to the concept of interoceptive awareness – the ability to identify, access, understand, and respond appropriately to the patterns of internal signals. Tuning into your interoceptive awareness will give you a distinct advantage to successfully engage in life with all of its challenges. This session will provide you with exercises to tap into this intuition and cultivate your inner life.

Session #5
How to Experience Self-Love

Loving-kindness meditation cultivates love for oneself and others.  Dr. Lord will walk you through the process of self-love and how to experience it fully through meditation.  The process is first one of softening, melting away barriers that we feel inwardly toward ourselves and then toward others.

Session #6

The Nature of Energy

What is energy? Western medicine is just beginning to address the issues of energy as a health concern, but physicists have an ever-deepening understanding of energy as our life force with implications for our health and our lives in general. Dr. Lord will discuss the physics of how stressful energy fields can deplete our energy and nourishing energy fields can restore our energy.

Session #7

The Nature of Thoughts and Emotions 

It often feels like our thoughts and feelings are the truth and synonymous with our self-image. “I am my beliefs; I
am my thoughts and feelings; I am this body.” But is this really true? We will be exploring this notion this session.  Our culture encourages the desire for instant gratification. Mindfulness teaches us to sit with our emotions, with our desires and aversions without reacting until we find a thoughtful way to respond.

Session #8
Understanding Your Psychology

Psychology provides us with a scientific and theoretical framework for understanding ourselves and others, and mind-body medicine provides tools for exploring our own psychology. Dr Lord will share effective ways for you to unpack those boxes to better understand yourself, leading to a more thoughtful and meaningful way of life, usually with less suffering.

Session #9
8 Steps of Mindful Living 

Mindfulness is more than just paying attention in an open and nonjudgmental way to the present moment.  It’s about becoming more “conscious” and living more fully.  Dr. Lord will share with you benefits of mindful living and how you can begin your journey today.

Session #10
Positive Psychology 

Some of the new questions that we are exploring in psychology include: what is happiness and what makes people happy and fulfilled. Three components of happiness have been identified: pleasure or positive emotion; engagement; and meaning. Dr. Lord will share with you a variety of interventions that can enhance happiness, helping you to live a more joyful and meaningful life.



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  • Ten one-hour biweekly sessions that you can attend live online from the comfort of your own home
  • A core curriculum tailor made for Higher Self Yoga, led by expert Dr. Susan B. Lord, who will guide you through key concepts that will transform your life and connect you to the Higher Self.
  • Weekly opening and closing meditations as well as time set aside for questions and sharing.
  • Post-session handouts and worksheets such as meditations, journal prompts, and curated techniques to help support your practice at home.
  • An interactive Facebook community to access supplementary materials, ask questions between sessions, and connect with fellow class members about your experience.


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