Higher Self Yoga For Men

HSY for Men is the first online destination designed for men interested in spiritual yoga.  We provide an environment for men to journey through self-discovery and spiritual growth without judgement.

Higher Self for Men is a resource specifically designed for men who are interested in spirituality, change and the process of self-discovery.

Our goal is to demystify spirituality and explore the unique issues that men face in the journey to self-growth, and achieving balance of heart, mind and action.

Please join us in this journey.

– Mario Canki, HSY for Men Editor

Of Interests to Men

How Spirituality and Meditation Helped Me Find Greater Purpose


How I Changed My Career and My Life

Read one man’s story on how self-awareness helped him change his career, life and fulfill his destiny.

Meditation and Exercise Are More Alike Than You Think

Learn two effective ways to reframe meditation so that it works for your lifestyle.


Ask HSY Men

Spiritual yoga is for men, too.

Our goal is to break down the stigma that’s sometimes attached to men practicing spiritual yoga in our culture. Send us your questions about spirituality, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and life obstacles -- as it relates to men. And we'll connect you with an experienced yogi to help find you answers.

Note: We may address your question in a future blog post, and will keep your name and email address confidential.

Latest Articles

How I Changed My Career and My Life

Previously I discussed how meditation and spirituality helped me in a search for greater meaning and purpose in my life. To be clear, I had great motivation to make a change and undertake these pursuits – I was not happy with my work and I was lacking any meaningful sense of direction or purpose in my life. Being unhappy is always a good motivation to seek change. If you are unhappy with your work, your coworkers, or the work environment, then this may be a good indication and opportunity to look within yourself and discover your true life’s calling. Everyone...

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How Higher Self Yoga Changed My Life: Stephen’s Story

My spiritual journey has been intriguing, to say the least. After HSY’s...

How Spirituality and Meditation Helped Me Find Greater Purpose

Not too long ago I was at a crossroads in my life. ...

What Do Meditation and Exercise Have in Common? Everything!

The studies don’t lie: countless times, we see similar benefits and positive...

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