Higher Self Yoga For Men

HSY for Men is the first online destination designed for men interested in spiritual yoga.  We provide an environment for men to journey through self-discovery and spiritual growth without judgement.

Higher Self for Men is a resource specifically designed for men who are interested in spirituality, change and the process of self-discovery.

Our goal is to demystify spirituality and explore the unique issues that men face in the journey to self-growth, and achieving balance of heart, mind and action.

Please join us in this journey.

– Mario Canki, HSY for Men Editor

Ask HSY Men

Spiritual yoga is for men, too.

Our goal is to break down the stigma that’s sometimes attached to men practicing spiritual yoga in our culture. Send us your questions about spirituality, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and life obstacles -- as it relates to men. And we'll connect you with an experienced yogi to help find you answers.

Note: We may address your question in a future blog post, and will keep your name and email address confidential.

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What the Men of HSY Are Saying


Higher Self Yoga gives me access to a source of creativity and inner wisdom for which I am deeply grateful and consistently surprised… I feel calmer and happier, knowing that I have a home for my soul in an otherwise turbulent world.

–Mark Solomon


After just a few classes, I was hooked. I wanted more. The lessons Nanette has shared over the years continue to provoke thought and stimulate answers that have guided and sustained me as I work towards bettering the world.

–Thomas Dean


I have replaced harsh judgment and criticism with a discriminating yet accepting attitude, and have evolved my role in my family and community, improving beyond my wildest dreams. Above all is an awareness that I am continually growing, personally and spiritually, into a oneness with my Higher Self – and that is the greatest gift.

–Tony Holt


For me, it is a way to completely balance the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. I am grateful to grow in awareness and consciousness with others who are on their own spiritual journey.

–Russell McTague


Even with just a handful of classes and a week-long retreat, I have become optimistic and have a new way of living with a new lease on life. I feel I am preparing myself for a meaningful existence in a future life, and wait for the answers to the mysteries of those 5 divine interventions that happened early on.

–Ron C


It has been a fascinating and challenging process which requires a willingness to change and confront my own fears and beliefs. It makes my life more exciting, interesting, meaningful, and rewarding. I am grateful and would not have it any other way.

–Mario Canki


I am blessed to be part of the Higher Self Yoga community…Without any doubt whatsoever, the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment is my reason for my being on Earth.

–Maurice Attie


The practices have helped me ease stress, notice my patterns and challenges, and give me the strength and fortitude to work on them. It has enhanced the quality of my daily life, allowing me to be more compassionate, tolerant and open to the world around me. 

–Karl van Kessel


It broadens my consciousness and gives plausible answers to the many questions I have about life. I am grateful for the guidance, wisdom, and support that I receive on my chosen path.

–Andrew Czajkowski


As I’ve practiced Higher Self Yoga, I have continually strived upward, moving further into life and its many challenges, in both individual and global levels. It guided me toward a path of fulfillment that includes marriage, parenting, connection to my community, and a fulfilling career. The treasures it puts in one’s path, including opportunities for service in each moment, cannot be measured.

–Larson Rodgers