Higher Self Yoga in Daily Life.

Everyone will experience the Higher Self differently in their daily lives. As people differ, so their manifestations of the Source. How can we use the Higher Self to improve our work and relationships? By turning inwards, reflecting, posing a question – and experiencing the reply.

The Higher Self, Personified

The form of the Higher Self will differ from individual to individual, though the most common form is human. The best way to learn what form the Higher Self will take when communicating with you is by practicing exercises that will help it to activate and awaken within you. Learn more about how these reflective exercises can help you discover your true potential.  

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Working with the Higher Self: Reflective Exercises

As you begin your journey in working with the Higher Self, it is important that you set aside time to reflect on your current state - physically, environmentally, and mentally. Without self-reflection, the insights gained throughout your practice cannot be used to their full potential and application within your daily life. The following reflective exercises will serve to help introduce you to the Higher Self. These exercises are essential to perform when you  are just beginning your journey. Though advanced yogis may be able to start at a later point within the exercise practice, we recommend that all beginner seekers...

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