HSY for Kids and Parents

HSY for Kids & Parents is a resource for families interested in introducing spiritual yoga into their daily life.  Introducing mindfulness and meditation to children at a young age can help build resilience, awareness and a stronger connection to their own inner source of calm.

Our goal is to inform parents and caretakers on how to help children become one with the finer qualities such as joy, inner peace, beauty, patience and kindness.

Ultimately, we believe this will help keep children focused and calm during times of adversity, and helps them be open to change. It frees them from emotions that block them from moving forward. We believe when the Higher Self is activated, creativity, inspiration, intuition, and expression ignite. Connecting to the heart facilitates the connection to the Wise Being within. When we speak about connecting to the heart, we are not referring to the physical heart, but the heart chakra that contains inspiration, joy and wisdom. This section offers practices that will help children achieve such connections. Please join us in this exploration. We welcome your comments, questions, reviews. — Petal Steele, HSY Parents & Kids Editor

Of Interest to Parents

Calming the Chaos and Nurturing the Child’s Mind

From one parent to another: A reminder that childhood is the perfect time to be clumsy, laugh too loudly, fall, pick oneself up and fall again. 

How Can I Control My Temper When My Children Misbehave?

The words your choose and your tone of voice affect your child’s energy fields and home environment more than you know.  Learn more on how you can keep yourself in check — for your child health, as well as your own personal and spiritual development.

When is the Best Time to Help My Child Start Thinking About Dharma?

Dharma can seem like a big concept to grasp for little minds.  Find out here when it’s best to introduce the concept of dharma and how to do it effectively.

Ask HSY Parenting

Parenthood is challenging— but we can navigate this journey together!

Send us your questions about parenting as it relates to your child’s spirituality, self-empowerment, self-awareness, and independence. Broader topics on bullying, social media, maintaining an identity outside of your children, etc. are welcome, too. We aim to provide you with helpful resources to shape your child’s field of energy, home environment and your own personal spiritual development.

Note: We may address your question in a future blog post, and will keep your name and email address confidential.

Latest Articles

The Importance of Imitation: How our Unconscious Behaviors Impact our Children

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." - CC Jung Imitation is a natural and potent force, and as parents, it's important  to recognize that we may not always be conscious of whom we imitate and what we project.  When our children are babies we naturally mirror their expressions, movements, and coos to nurture the bonding process. As they grow, we may fail to recognize our own unconscious attitudes, vocabulary, and behaviors being reflected back to us by our children - including qualities we may prefer to disown or deny. It...

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Calming the Chaos and Nurturing the Child’s Mind

Sometimes I observe my son who at times laughs too loudly, speaks...

How Can I Control My Temper When My Children Misbehave?

Q: What is the HSY perspective about yelling at children. Sometimes after...

When is the best time to help my child start thinking about Dharma?

Q: Dharma seems to be such a big concept. When is the best time...