How can I work more with the heart?

Higher Self Yoga teaches seekers how to make mindful decisions with their hearts, or intuitions, while using the mind to navigate complex emotions. Through key exercises, we will show you how to tune into your own heart center while aligning with the hearts of those around you. Connecting with the heart is not simply an internal process; it includes putting aside our own needs and concerns to connect with the needs of the world around us.

How Can I Remain Present and Grounded Through Working with the Higher Self and the Heart?

Through the practice of meditation and connecting with your inner spiritual guide, the Higher Self, you can bring out the peace of the Wise Mind. During busy seasons, it can be difficult to remain present and grounded. There are a myriad of distractions that we face everyday, from work, to family – and even leisure activities can be easily prioritized over daily connection with the heart center. If you feel overwhelmed during the day, it may help to consciously think of and connect with the inner power of your heart to stay present, centered and above all fearless as you continue your journey with the Higher Self. Take deep, slow breaths and feel the positive vibrations that come from taking a moment to ground yourself.


The form of the reply will differ from individual to individual The heart and the Higher Self are linked – and by aligning ourselves with the Source, we will ultimately be aligning ourselves with our hearts and the heart centers of those we  care about.

“Living from your heart is a way of life. It means to listen with your heart, to receive and to give to others with your heart, to access knowledge with your heart…the heart is the way to higher wisdom and the spirit within.” (How to Live from Your Heart, p.9)


It starts with taking the time to listen to what the Higher Self is communicating about those we care for.

“Think about someone you know who is having difficulties.  Put that person’s name in your heart and ask to be given information on how you can help that person. If the answer feels right to you, try to follow it.  [After you’ve tried following the suggestion from your heart, again consult your heart on how the approach can be improved.] ” (How to Live from Your Heart, p.22)

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How Can I Remain Present and Grounded Through Working with the Higher Self and the Heart?

Through the practice of meditation and connecting with your inner spiritual guide,...

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