How can the Higher Self help me grow psychologically?

One of the key pillars of Higher Self Yoga is Psychosynthesis, an approach to psychotherapy founded by Roberto Assagioli. Higher Self Yoga encourages seekers to focus inward psychologically, accessing their internal wisdom through reading, Higher Self exercises, and meditation. Through our connection with our Higher Selves, we are able to find focus, stay calm, and adapt, while remaining in harmony with others and with the world.

Are All of Our Negative Patterns of Thinking, Acting and Feeling Part of Our Lower Nature?

Is it correct to say that all of our attachments and all of our negative patterns of thinking, acting and feeling are part of our lower nature?

Only negative attachments are negative. Some attachments are ego-based and not necessarily from our lower nature. For example, attachments from loving someone very much, such as your children or family, are ego-based. Feelings that are negative such as fear, anger etc. are part of the lower nature. The lower nature is very apparent to most people. It contains greed and all the feelings of manipulation and control. However, as you work to overcome them, they become less obvious and more subtle. An example is the feeling of envy that can appear like the opposite: wanting someone to do well. But beneath the surface, in that feeling, is a hidden feeling of jealousy if the person in fact does do well.


The Higher Self isn’t just a tool to further your spirituality – aligning yourself with the Source will also teach you how to respond to life’s toughest situations.

“All suffering is created by the individual. A high adept person never feels personally involved in the most charged situation. The adept simply steps back and sees the whole picture, feeling compassion for those who are less enlightened.” (Higher Self Yoga, Book 1, p.89)


You must overcome mental blocks in order to move forward.

“Ask the Higher Self the following questions: Is there anything that I am still hanging onto? What is it, and how do I let it go? What blocks do I have that will keep me from being open to the changes that will be happening to me? How do I overcome these blocks? When I go through change, how can I receive the most benefit from it happening, even when the change seems negative?.” (Adapted from Higher Self Yoga, Book 1, p.44)

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