How can the Higher Self help me grow spiritually?

Higher Self Yoga encourages seekers to connect – with themselves. How so? Inside each of us is an alignment with our Source, a spiritual tradition that dates back thousands of years, if only we work to uncover it. To seek the Higher Self is to find balance with your heart, mind, and actions while deepening your own spiritual practices.

How can I change undesirable personality traits?

I have been fostering a spiritual practice for several years. Some of the aspects of my personality that I thought would change at this level of commitment have not. I am wondering if practicing Higher Self Yoga will help these undesirable personality traits to change?

Even if you meditate every day and try to do all the “right” things, not all of the negative patterns you have accumulated over a lifetime will just drop away. You need to first acknowledge the pattern, then understand why you have it, and finally, do the hard work to change it. This level of work takes time and patience. Be happy with your progress, even if you feel it is slow, for nurturing a positive attitude will only help. Make a list of the personality traits that you would like to see change as a result of a committed spiritual practice. Connect to your Higher Self and ask It to help you prioritize the list. Start with the top priority, and ask the Higher Self for a process that will help you change it. Begin with the first step, and the rest will follow.


By focusing on becoming one with the Higher Self, we allow the deepest expressions of our desires to be released.

“To grow spiritually, one must awaken the (The Higher Self) and bring it into his or her consciousness on a regular basis.”  (Karma, Destiny and Career, p. xii)


You must go through the process of connecting with the heart.

“Think of a question to which you would like to have an answer from higher wisdom.  Go through the process of connecting with your heart center. Put the question in your heart, and when you receive an answer, put it into your mind.  Then take whatever thought comes up and put that into your heart. Continue back and forth until you feel you have a deeper understanding of the answer to the original question.” (Living from the Heart, p. 47)

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