What is the Higher Self?

How the Higher Self is personified will differ from person to person. As people differ, so does how they link with the Higher Self. Your Higher Self may come in the form of a woman or man, a beam of bright light, or simply an energy experienced in the body. You may sense a quiet presence within your mind, feel a body sensation,or even hear sounds! We are all wonderfully unique, and our Higher Selves will reflect that uniqueness.

You Yourself Are the Being You Are Seeking

The Higher Self is a part of you.  It is the Wise Being within that is an accumulation of all of your positive characteristics.  When you activate it, you awaken the spirit within.

It is a guide that will help you see characteristics that impede your spiritual growth, and helps you in decision-making.  It takes you on a path to wholeness, and leads you to your true potential in life.

The energy of the Higher Self is experienced in a form, which often appears as a woman or man.  The gender does not have to relate to the gender of the person contacting it.  It can also take on the form of an angel, a mystical animal, a light or color or even an energy experienced in the body.

Becoming one with the Higher Self — through practice, discipline, and self-awareness — is the goal of Higher Self Yoga teaching.

The Higher Self in Daily Life

The form of the reply will differ from individual to individual.

People experience the Higher Self differently. As people differ, so does how they link with the Higher Self. Some people see scenes in their mind’s eye, whereas others feel or sense what’s happening. Still others hear sounds and voices!

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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced seeker, Higher Self Yoga will introduce you to the less-explored but equally important spiritual side of yoga. We want to demystify spirituality, making it accessible to the modern person who is seeking fulfillment while leading a busy lifestyle. If you’re interested in meditation, mindfulness and are looking to lead a happier, more fulfilling life – we’re here to show you that you, yourself, are the being that you seek.