NVH Answers

HSY Founder Nanette V. Hucknall answers your regarding relationships, psychology, and spiritual growth.

By opening the heart and mind to the deep inner wisdom that comes from your Higher Self.  This is a process of change that includes striving to face the unknown that is within, no matter how difficult it may be. It takes discipline, focus, and balance in one’s life to understand and experience new knowledge that is not part of the known personality.  Some of these new thoughts and feelings will be negative, and need to be worked through by the yogi. Others are very positive feelings and thoughts that need to be reawakened.

Ask your Higher Self: 

Do I have any psychological blocks that are keeping me from going deep within and discovering unknown aspects about myself?

If yes: What are the blocks? How can I overcome them? Give me a first step.

If no: What is a good practice I can do to prepare for this work?


If Yes: Take one of the people on the list and place them in your heart.  Ask to experience the feeling of unconditional love. Take a few notes on this experience afterwards.

If no: How can I foster the capacity to love unconditionally?  What is the first step?


Unconditional love is not associated with the ego; it is not personal or emotional. Unconditional love is free from expectations, and needs nothing in return. To love unconditionally is to accept unconditionally, regardless of a person’s background or behaviors for we are all part of the same Source.

Even if you meditate every day and try to do all the “right” things, not all of the negative patterns you have accumulated over a lifetime will just drop away. You need to first acknowledge the pattern, then understand why you have it, and finally, do the hard work to change it. This level of work takes time and patience. Be happy with your progress, even if you feel it is slow, for nurturing a positive attitude will only help.

Make a list of the personality traits that you would like to see change as a result of a committed spiritual practice.

Connect to your Higher Self and ask It to help you prioritize the list.

Start with the top priority, and ask the Higher Self for a process that will help you change it.

Begin with the first step, and the rest will follow.


Karma will still have to be paid from the past in all forms but not by terrible poverty and starvation. By then the world community will help to eliminate this and there will be more help from everyone to ease that burden…By going through evolution and learning from lifetime to lifetime, people learn to understand that when they are ignorant or naïve, things will happen to them. Then they come to understand that the karma they need to pay off is because they were too naïve or ignorant.


Only negative attachments are negative. Some attachments are ego-based and not necessarily from our lower nature. For example, attachments from loving someone very much, such as your children or family, are ego-based.

Feelings that are negative such as fear, anger etc. are part of the lower nature. The lower nature is very apparent to most people. It contains greed and all the feelings of manipulation and control. However, as you work to overcome them, they become less obvious and more subtle. An example is the feeling of envy that can appear like the opposite: wanting someone to do well. But beneath the surface, in that feeling, is a hidden feeling of jealousy if the person in fact does do well.


Pride can take on another form, which may look positive. For example, someone may feel happy and good about herself for accomplishing a project. This is fine. However, pride can creep in and make the person feel not only happy about doing a good job, but feel proud that she could do it so well. And then add perhaps the feeling that no one else could do such a good job. Those feelings may not be expressed outwardly, but would feed a person’s ego.

Pride can also creep in around children. If a child does well in school and gets honors, a parent could feel very proud of the child. This is fine, but if the parent then feels pride in being a good parent—as the reason the child does so well—that can cause a pride attachment.

Pride is a layer underneath many things. It always is attached to the ego and builds up the ego. If a person gives service or gives money and is attached to having done this good deed that is when pride can creep in. It is certainly nice to be acknowledged for good work. But if that isn’t given it should not make a difference with how you feel. A true gift comes from the heart and when that happens there are no attachments.



Nannette has spent a lifetime studying spirituality and psychology, and has used her learnings to help others on their own personal journeys. With a background in Agni Yoga and Psychosynthesis, Nannette has combined her practical knowledge with her own spiritual wisdom and insights to create Higher Self Yoga. Let her knowledge guide you along your own spiritual journey.