Origins of Higher Self Yoga.

Founded upon three important sources – Agni Yoga, Theosophy, and Psychosynthesis – Higher Self Yoga is about the journey of the self. The quest for this truth is as old as humankind, and the answer is the same as it was thousands of years ago – you, yourself, are the being you are seeking.

“Yoga” means union.

In the East, Yoga is known as a method of union with our Source. Higher Self Yoga is all about linking with that Source through the Higher Self. When we are united with our Higher Selves, we are more at harmony with others. Let us offer you support as you discover this equilibrium with yourself and the world.

Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self.

What is Higher Self Yoga?

“Higher Self Yoga involves studying how to access the wisdom within oneself, which we all have, through reading philosophy and meditating. The focus is really looking at yourself psychologically, getting to know the many levels… It is inner work.”

— Nanette Hucknall, Founder

Higher Self Yoga Seeks Balance of Mind, Heart, and Action

How do we find this balance?

“For me the number one issue in self-care is the tendency—by birth and personality—to neglect my physical and emotional health through over-focus on the mind…Higher Self Yoga makes clear the danger of this imbalance and helps me to return the focus instead to a natural point of balance—the Heart.”

— Larson Rogers, Executive Director