Origins of Higher Self Yoga.

In the West, most people think of yoga as a physical exercise, but in the East yoga is understood as a method of union with the Source. Bhakti Yoga, for instance, is about linking to the Source using the heart. Higher Self Yoga is about linking to the Source using the Higher Self. This practice allows you to work with your personal energies, and learn how they affect not only you, but also your community, nation, and the planet as a whole.

Both the beginner seeker and the serious student will find value in Higher Self Yoga. It consolidates the teachings of most of the world religions and expands the concepts through methods that connect to nature and its energies. It combines working with the heart and the mind to achieve balance. Based on the ancient teachings given to humankind thousands of years ago, it is designed to help you achieve spiritual growth, strive for higher knowledge, and gain wisdom. Higher Self Yoga is a teaching that makes no distinction between man, woman, race, sexual orientation, or cultural background. It is a path that teaches you how to overcome challenges to achieve happiness, peace, and enlightenment.

HSY in Personal Growth and Development

In Higher Self Yoga, psychological growth is emphasized through experiential exercises that can heal psychological wounds, emotional attachments, and open your heart. Our practice will help you in all aspects of your daily life, from work to relationships. Working with the Higher Self keeps you focused, calm during times of adversity, and open to change. It frees you from emotions that can prevent you from moving forward and making decisions. It can help you resolve challenges, navigate communication, and gain inspiration, purpose, and meaning. The more you work with it, the more you will experience joy in your life.

Higher Self Yoga is a teaching about connecting to one’s Higher Self.

What is Higher Self Yoga?

“Higher Self Yoga involves studying how to access the wisdom within oneself, which we all have, through reading philosophy and meditating. The focus is really looking at yourself psychologically, getting to know the many levels… It is inner work.”

— Nanette Hucknall, Founder

Higher Self Yoga Seeks Balance of Mind, Heart, and Action

How do we find this balance?

“For me the number one issue in self-care is the tendency—by birth and personality—to neglect my physical and emotional health through over-focus on the mind…Higher Self Yoga makes clear the danger of this imbalance and helps me to return the focus instead to a natural point of balance—the Heart.”

— Larson Rogers, Executive Director