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Higher Self Yoga (HSY) is a spiritual path for the modern era, offering self-growth and self-awareness tools to reach your highest potential and live a healthy, joyful, enlightened life. We believe that the first step to achieving balance of heart, mind and action is the desire for inner growth. We don’t push our philosophy; we support your self-growth journey and connection to your Higher Self through a wealth of resources to help you find balance, whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go. Our engaging and diverse community is a place where you can ask questions and get authentic answers on topics from spirituality and parenting, to karma and reincarnation — and everything in between!

Our Mission

Higher Self Yoga provides the tools you need to increase joy, purpose and peace in your life. We offer virtual classes, a mentorship program, community, meditation, mindfulness, and visualization techniques, expert posts, books, videos, and more to support your growth, understand your psychology, deepen your self-awareness, and live a more fulfilled life. We teach you how to balance the heart, mind and action and to overcome the inner obstacles that keep you from achieving your highest potential. It is our utmost goal to help you lead healthy, productive and enlightened lives by connecting to the heart and, ultimately, to the Higher Self.  

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Volunteering with Higher Self Yoga is a chance to participate in an especially rewarding experience that you won’t regret being a part of! We are constantly seeking dedicated and selfless individuals who would like to contribute their talents and skills towards nurturing our community.
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