Higher Self Yoga Classes

Discover your true self through spiritual practice and meditation.

Our Introductory Course

Connect with Your Higher Self

In this introductory course, you will learn to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being – your Higher Self. With thought-provoking audio lessons, guided meditations, and opportunities for self-reflection, we’ll show you how to adopt a thoughtful, intentional way of life as you embrace your highest potential.
Past students say:
This course helped me find a deeper level of meaning and a new sense of purpose in my life.
Deepen Your Practice

Live with Your Heart

This guided experience teaches you how to develop a sincere relationship with the heart. You’ll be supported with heart-opening meditation practice, lessons for practical application to open-hearted living and a revolutionary understanding of what is possible through the energies of the heart.
Sharpen your Insight

Awaken Your Intuition

This course invites you to step onto a path of intuitive awakening for a more joyful, purposeful, and enlightened life. Throughout the 5 sections of the course, we’ll share meditations, lessons, and guidance for aligned decision-making, designed to support you as you learn to balance your innate wisdom, heart, and mind.