Connect with Your Higher Self

A quintessential, compact course for discovering your Higher Self and unlocking your fullest potential.

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Come Home to Your Higher Self

This self-paced online course will teach you to activate the invaluable, untapped resource at the core of your being — your Higher Self. One part practical application, one part guided experience, this streamlined course provides teachings and tools to help you escape unhealthy behavioral patterns and embrace your highest potential.

The life-changing benefits of connecting with your Higher Self 

The sense of wholeness and balance that comes with relating to the Higher Self has enormous practical benefits, and we teach our students to apply this inner wisdom to their mundane, everyday lives. In this sense, spiritual development goes hand-in-hand with personal growth. As we develop spiritually, we quickly see the effects in our daily life by applying this wisdom to our careers, our relationships, and most importantly, to the inner workings of our minds.

Find purpose and clarity on your life’s path.

Find balance and wholeness
in your everyday life.

Overcome bad habits
and negative thoughts.

Improve the world
by improving yourself.

The Higher Self is the most powerful instrument there is, and like any other instrument, you need to learn how to use it.

In this introductory online course, you will develop a sincere relationship with the wise being within, your Higher Self. By living in alignment with your Higher Self, you will transform into who you are supposed to become as you realize the essence of your being.

Nanette V. Hucknall

Founder of Higher Self Yoga

Course Materials

Connect With Your Higher Self contains four sections filled with written lessons, guided meditations, and practical exercises to get you started on your journey.

Audio Lessons

Immerse yourself in five illuminating audio talks to awaken your understanding of the Higher Self.


Meet your Higher Self and practice contemplative self-reflection with our guided meditations.

Exercises & Applications

Learn to apply the wisdom you've learned to your daily life with a selection of practical exercises.

Community Insights

Connect with other course participants on this shared journey with open discussion on each course section.

Class Syllabus

1. Why the Higher Self?

Learn about Higher Self Yoga as a potent practice for unlocking a life aligned with your truest personal evolution.

2. What is the Higher Self?

Understand the Higher Self, and contemplate the life that is possible when we live in harmony with this wise being within.

3. Meeting the Higher Self

Receive clear direction and guidance to help you start communicating with your Higher Self.

4. In Relationship with the Higher Self

Conclude with how to maintain a connection with the Higher Self and continue your practice on your own.

Hear from Our Students

I had always been curious about the concept of the Higher Self.

This course gave me the insights and clarity that I had been craving. Now, I’m fully equipped to grow my trust in my own intuitive wisdom. I highly recommend it!"

Jeffrey Cherry

Marketing Manager

The talks and meditations in this course gave me tools and techniques...

...that offer me a sense of personal purpose and direction. I use the meditations to check in with my path and keep me grounded in my journey."

Georgina Berbari

Writer and Photographer