5 Signs Your Higher Self is Trying to Contact You

Tom Faddegon
February 20, 2024
woman connected with her Higher Self

Our Higher Self is the wise being within all of us. When we are connected with our Higher Selves, we tap into the best possible version of ourselves and gain access to unique insights that were previously hidden from us.

On the other hand, when we are not connected with our Higher Selves, we often feel like something important is missing in our lives. Some people will spend energy seeking external validation and trying to achieve goals that are laid out for them by others, while others will simply walk around on autopilot, not making thoughtful choices or taking intentional actions. 

Just like all forms of communication, talking to our Higher Self is a two-way street. You can certainly ask it questions, but in order to receive the answers, you must also learn how to listen. We can’t use our ears to hear our Higher Selves, so instead we must turn to our natural intuition in order to hear its guidance and wisdom.

The Role of Intuition

What is intuition? For some, intuition comes as a sensation—as a sudden wash of uneasiness or peace. For others, it anchors even deeper in the body—as an ache of the gut or flutter of the heart. And in many cases, it manifests as a magnetic-like force, pulling you in a certain direction or towards a specific choice. 

However you experience it, your intuition is meant to guide you. It is meant to provide us with a source of input separate from, and in addition to, the rational mind.

Listening to our intuition is one of the many ways we can listen to the guidance of our Higher Self. When you first start paying attention to the subtle cues and signs of your intuition, you might feel it pulling you in a certain direction. 

Here are five signs that mean your Higher Self is trying to make itself heard:

1. Feeling like You're Not Fulfilling Your Potential

We often think of potential in terms of personal productivity: how much we make, what job title or status we achieve, etc. But when viewed through the lens of the Higher Self tradition, potential has to do with the degree to which you can embody the best, most integrated version of yourself. One measurement of potential is how self-aware you are feeling in a given piece of time. If you feel removed from your own actions or that your choices have no effect, it could be time to look inward and review where you are not displaying your best personality traits. 

Where to Start: If you feel as though you there are elements of your nature you want to improve or evolve, start with our free personality transformation workbook, a downloadable and printable guide filled with reflective prompts and guided exercises designed to help you evolve your unique character traits.

2. Feeling Dissatisfied with Your Job

Choosing the right career may not seem like a spiritual pursuit, but it’s actually a huge part of your spiritual journey. Most of us will spend nearly a third of our lives at our jobs, and if you work in a toxic environment (or even if you simply find your job unfulfilling) it can be very difficult to keep this dissatisfaction from affecting your entire life. 

Our Higher Self knows our purpose in life and what kind of work would help move us forward on our path. If we are in the wrong career field, our Higher Self will try to steer us in the right direction towards our true vocation.

Where to Start: Rather than accepting your situation as permanent, start preparing yourself to find your true vocation. Read our articles on Why Choosing the Right Career is a Spiritual Decision and 4 Reasons to Make a Midlife Career Change. For further reading, try Karma, Destiny and Your Career: A New Age Guide to Finding Your Work and Loving Your Life by Higher Self Yoga Founder Nanette V. Hucknall.


3. Feeling Drawn to More Creative Outlets

Sometimes, our intuition will push us towards creative pursuits like writing, painting, or learning an instrument. Creative outlets are essential for nurturing our connection with the Higher Self: they instill an appreciation of beauty, help us live more from our hearts, and show us how to bring curiosity and enthusiasm into our everyday lives, making the world a brighter, more interesting place.

Where to Start: Start pursuing the creative hobby you’ve been curious about! Go into the process with a beginner’s mind. When you first start, do not fall into the trap of focusing on becoming an expert or telling yourself “I want to be this good after x amount of time.” Instead, simply enjoy the process of doing and learning with zero expectations.

4. Feeling the Urge to spend More Time in Nature

Cabin fever can make us feel tired, withdrawn, or anxious. Whether it’s because you’ve been spending too much time at the office or winter has you staying indoors for long periods of time, being cut off from the natural world makes it difficult to maintain a connection with the Higher Self.

The unique vibrations of nature are a conduit through which the Higher Self can speak to us. Because the Higher Self is part-Source and part-you, it is intrinsically part of the natural world, and being out in nature makes it much easier to hear your Higher Self.

Where to Start: Schedule a daily walk to make sure you’re getting outside every day. A quick walk may not feel like it has as much of an impact, but even just 15 minutes a day in nature can help you connect with your Higher Self.


5. Feeling a Desire to Improve the World

Working with the Higher Self is largely an introspective and solitary process, but as the saying goes, “we must be the change we want to see in the world.” By starting with the places within ourselves that we find most challenging, we are inherently tackling those changes as they manifest in the outer world.

For instance, if you feel a pain and anxiety around the issue of climate change, it could be worth exploring where you feel as though you are being wasteful and negligent towards the earth. While the issues of our world usually expand beyond personal accountability, making a personal change can shift your consciousness and therefore the collective consciousness, bringing in new possibilities beyond the extent of the efforts you can make on an individual level.

Where to Start: Working to overcome your own shortcomings may sound like an approach that won’t have much effect on the biggest issues we face as a society, but you must first do things like learn how to deal with anger and how to live from your heart before you can make real, impactful change in the world.