5 Ways Living From the Heart Will Transform Your Life (and the World)

Olivia Holland
February 20, 2024
Unlocking heart and life

Listening to your heart’s wisdom is essential to progressing in your spiritual journey. We all know the feeling of having a moment with a friend or family member where we wish we could have had more strength to speak from the heart. When the heart is open, we become capable of the compassion, kindness, openness, and honesty we long to have shown back to us in our daily lives. When the heart’s wisdom lies dormant, we must awaken the intent to listen, practice, and grow this wise energy.

In our guided experience, Living From the Heart, we will train you in how to bring your heart’s wisdom into the reality of your life. We will share meditations, lessons, and guidance to support you in your exploration and expansion. With practice, you will start to see how open-hearted living is applied in daily situations. You’ll discover a deeper, more meaningful relationship to your own essence while being able to utilize your newfound wisdom to provide care to your relationships and create positive collective change in the communities around you.

Here are five ways that living from the heart will transform your interior life, your relationships, and your impact on the world: 

1. Embark on Your True Spiritual Journey

Living from the heart is key to beginning your true spiritual journey. With your heart leading the way, you will transform into your true self and see the world through a new, compassionate lens. Your heart’s vibrant wisdom will set you on your true spiritual pathway as you strengthen your interior ability to love, share, give, receive and grow. It could be said that every worthwhile aspect of life is only accessible through the heart.

2. Awaken Your Heart’s Wisdom and Control Impulsive Emotions

Through training, you will come to see the heart as a site of wisdom, rather than a vessel of emotional impulses. Impulsive emotions, while a natural component of the heart, can inhibit your ability to commune with your higher energy and heart’s wisdom.

To live from the heart is to understand the difference between impulsive emotions and the heart’s wisdom. Emotions are volatile, habitual, and selfish; the wisdom of the heart is consistent, steady, and nurturing.

Once you are able to distinguish between the two, you will be able to exercise control over your emotions while embracing the constant calm of the heart’s wisdom. This control and wisdom will grant you clarity and make room in your heart for more wise, compassionate energy. This application of heart energy in your daily life is sure to improve your relationships in every sector in your life from work to family to friendships.

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3. Unlock the Highest Form of Love

Our society has trained us to believe that romantic love is the highest form of love. However, there is a far greater love that opens our hearts to the practice of unconditional compassion and love towards all sentient beings. We call this disidentified love.

Once you understand your heart and emotions, you will be able to participate in the power of disidentified love. Disidentified love is an expression of love that is not bound to a single person, nor is it dependent on reciprocation. It is compassion and love towards all beings without the interference of attachment or conditions. Disidentified love is a much stronger form of love than personal love — it expands outwards from our hearts and is absorbed by the universe.

The power of unconditional love and compassion has the capabilities to transform the global community. By practicing disidentified love, we are able to change the world through acts of compassion as we actively meet others with empathy, availability, and kindness. This application of the heart is a great practice for those seeking to see transformation in their world. By making the personal change to live from the heart, you are inherently creating a more heart-felt world for yourself and everyone around you.


4. Help and Heal through Positive Discernment

By allowing the heart to lead, you will begin to see yourself and the world through your heart’s unbiased and positive perspective. This power, referred to as positive discernment, will open your eyes to the inequities of the world and place you on a pathway towards a life of service for the highest good.

When we utilize positive discernment, we move beyond our own personal desires and needs and begin to advocate for the equanimity of all things. Making healthy choices for yourself by living authentically in your daily life, creates a calm, focused stability that reverberates out to every aspect of your world. By continually living in this way, you begin to heal harmful patterns that have been disruptive to your quality of life.

Humans naturally favor these positive impulses and the creation of new, elevated patterns; our hearts are predisposed to follow the path of positive evolution as set forth by the world. As we live our lives with compassion, we inspire those around us and move the collective consciousness forward.

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5. Explore New Possibilities

Open hearts lead to open lives - new possibilities and pathways will become available as you lead with your heart and unlock a new level of wisdom, creativity, and understanding. As the old, unhealthy patterns fall away, space opens up and the openness of hearts leads us in new directions in our career, relationships and even in our home.

This spiritual growth you will experience will embolden you to take advantage of these new opportunities and explore new dimensions of your life. The meaningful fulfillment you will experience will make your world brighter and friendlier.

How to Start Living From Your Heart

Living from the Heart, an online guided experience from Higher Self Yoga, will set you on your true spiritual path as you learn to listen to your heart’s wisdom and quiet your emotional impulses. You will learn how to engage with disidentified love on an internal basis, while also learning how to use this higher form of love to move the global community towards a more compassionate future.

As old patterns fall away, the space created combined with your capacity for openness, sincerity and authenticity will come together over the many small but positive changes you will make in your daily life. Soon, you’ll trust in the wisdom of the heart and you’ll have the strength to explore the new possibilities and pathways that become available to you. If you wish to unlock these skills and abilities, join us in Living from the Heart.