A Word from Our Founder Nanette Hucknall

Nanette V. Hucknall
February 20, 2024
snapshot of the founder, Nanette Hucknall

Hello, My name is Nanette Hucknall, and I am the founder and president of Higher Self Yoga.

The concept of the Higher Self—the part inside each person that connects with the Source or God within—is a spiritual tradition that dates back thousands of years. It has been my life's work to integrate this spiritual tradition seamlessly into my work as a  psychotherapist. In bringing this path to the world I have witnessed students of Higher Self Yoga overcome their inner obstacles, expand spiritually and ultimately align with their higher nature.

When the external world becomes disorienting, it highlights how attuned, or un-attuned, we are to our interior world.

- Nanette Hucknall

As we know, every challenge is an opportunity, and in this moment, the world has the chance to reassess the norms that drive our day-to-day lives, and consider what power and strength are possible in the forgotten wisdom of intuition. For those of us who are not on the frontlines of the pandemic, the action we have been asked to take is more of a non-action. We are sequestered at home, alone with our hearts and minds. Whether you experience that as welcome or unwelcome, it does offer us an opportunity.

Special Announcement

In that spirit, I am here today, to offer our introductory Awaken the Intuition Program, free of charge for the duration of the pandemic. When the external world becomes disorienting, it highlights how attuned, or un-attuned, we are to our interior world. This call to look inward can serve as a unique opportunity to reclaim the innate, interior wisdom of your intuition to serve as your central compass. Now more than ever, we are called to stay grounded, calm and connected to our human nature for the good of our shared community.


This beautiful course, written by myself and Judy Bach, developed for online distribution by the Higher Self team, and recorded by the deeply talented David C Cain, offers a series of talks on the nature of Intuition and meditations on working with intuition, as well as journal prompts and an intuitive decision-making guide. The four-part course can be taken at home at your own pace, alone or with a friend or group. The Higher Self Yoga team is here to provide support and conversation through our Awakening Intuition Facebook Group, so that we can experience community even in this deeply personal work.

Sign up today, and take this course at any time. Together we can use these extraordinary times to awaken our collective intuition for a grounded, safe and healthy world.