Can your Higher Self help you find inner peace?

Higher Self Yoga Editors
February 20, 2024
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To begin, let’s discuss what we mean by inner peace. Inner peace is a state of calmness and tranquility emanating from within oneself. It is a sense of well-being and contentment that does not rely on external circumstances like nice weather or material possessions in order to experience happiness. Often described as feeling at home in your own skin, it represents a comfort level with who you are and your current position in life.

Your Higher Self is the truest, most aligned version of your being. It is the intersection of your personal essence and Source, or the universal cosmic energy that comprises our universe. Over time, as we become more at home with allowing our Higher Self to lead, we can experience personal growth, expand our self-awareness, and discover our true purpose –  all of which are essential for generating inner peace.

Can the Higher Self help you find inner peace?

The interesting thing about the Higher Self and inner peace is how interconnected they truly are. Whether you are trying to find inner peace or becoming more connected with your Higher Self, you will soon find that working towards one will help you achieve the other.

Working with your Higher Self comes with challenges that won’t always feel peaceful. You’ll likely be called to make significant changes or transform deeply-engrained habits, both of which can be deeply uncomfortable. But these challenges serve a greater purpose.

Despite the day-to-day difficulties, the very act of working with the Higher Self to live your most fulfilling life will fill you with a greater sense of purpose, thereby fostering a sense of naturally occurring inner peace. There is a deep relief in having and working towards a plan, and no longer following every whim your thoughts and emotions present to you.

Through continued practice, you’ll be gifted with newfound tools that can help you manage stress, negative thoughts, and the multiple demands of modern life, further cultivating a sustainable state of inner peace.

Four Ways to Foster Inner Peace Through the Higher Self  

1. Cultivate Awareness

In our pursuit of inner peace, it is vital to recognize and manage the influence of the world around us. Energy from others constantly impacts our own. The first step towards managing these incoming energies is simply to be aware of them. When we are in tune with our surroundings, we give ourselves the advantage of acting from a place of elevated understanding.

Adopting an attitude of awareness is the first step to maintaining a sustainable harmony both internally and externally. Notice both the influences of the world around you and your response to those influences. Over time, you’ll observe patterns and your responses. With continued awareness, you’ll be able to recognize moments that are challenging for you and prepare yourself by calling on your boundaries or dropping into your personal sanctuary.

To test the impact that the energy of a space is having on you, call on your mind of meditation when you enter a room. Consider the effect that the room has on your mood, your heart, and the way you hold your body. If the energy of the space does not bring a sense of natural safety and relaxation, connect to your Higher Self, and ask to understand what is happening and to respond consciously.

2. Maintain Boundaries with External Stressors

With your awareness of internal and external energies in place, we have a greater capacity to better manage our outer world, including our relationships with others. The ongoing relationships we have with the people and places around us have the potential to be both invigorating and depleting. Over time, patterns form, and we may feel as though we have less control over how we are influenced by others

Healthy boundaries allow us to cultivate our own sense of personal power and strength. While we may associate boundaries with distance and coldness, in actuality, boundaries give us the protection we need to better serve those in need of our support.

Even with boundaries in place, there are still some stressors that will continually drain your energy. It may be necessary to liberate yourself from these occurrences by seeking places and relationships that support your growth and well-being. Regardless of what energies you encounter, if you have a strong sense of internal strength, you will be able to respond to any situation with whatever is necessary to cultivate harmony.


3. Use Your Senses: Sound, Light, and Scent  

Our five senses are sometimes described as the portals to the beauty of creation. Sound and light, in particular, are powerful tools to ground us in our connection to the Higher Self and cultivate inner peace.

Listening to harmonious tones, or catching the soft light of twilight can soothe our struggling nervous systems, releasing stress and unburdening unnecessary emotional baggage. Similarly, pleasant scents like those from burning incense or aromatic oils can change the energy in a space, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Experiment with which kinds of sense stimulators cultivate inner peace for you and call on them when you are in need of extra support.

4. Take Time to Walk in Nature

The world of office spaces, shopping centers, and public places can be filled with discordant energies. It can be draining to constantly have to refresh the mood of the world around you.

Nature, on the other hand, provides a wealth of restorative energies that refresh the body and realign our hearts with our Higher Selves. When you are feeling depleted, carve out time to connect with nature. Being in nature is incredibly uncomplicated. You only need to relax your mind and release the worries of the day to be calmed by the rhythms of the natural world.

These natural vibrations can align with your Higher Self, helping you attain a more profound sense of peace.


Final Thoughts

The journey to inner peace through connecting with your Higher Self is a continuous process. By cultivating awareness, maintaining boundaries, employing our senses, and connecting with nature, we gradually unveil a sustainable, deeply grounded inner peace that resonates with the frequencies of our Higher Self. This peace is not simply a temporary state of relief, but a profound transformation that instills us with robust resilience and a profound sense of fulfillment in our everyday lives.