How to Talk to Your Higher Self

Tom Faddegon
February 20, 2024
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As you work through your Higher Self Yoga studies, you will often be instructed to “ask your Higher Self” for guidance. We advise our students to do this because there are situations unique to your life that only you can answer, like whether you should change careers or how to navigate a difficult relationship. Regular communication with our Higher Selves is a cornerstone of our spiritual development, and learning how to receive this invaluable source of guidance can improve the quality of our lives in just about every way imaginable.

What’s the point of communicating with my Higher Self?

When you live in communication with the Higher Self, your life blooms with possibility, creativity, and care, as inner wisdom expands your self-awareness. You become more aware of your own nature, in other words, why you do the things you do.

Once we begin to connect with our Higher Selves, the changes we see in ourselves and in our lives can be breathtaking. From improvements in our physical bodies and mental outlook to the ways we treat and interact with others, the benefits of connecting with our Higher Selves can be achieved by anyone.

What does it feel like?

Because of its all-encompassing nature, communications with the Higher Self offer us a sense of wholeness. Through regular meditation with the Higher Self, you no longer prioritize certain elements of your being over others. You are also striking a balance between the unique singleness of your being and the ultimate, all-encompassing nature of oneness.

Communicating with the Higher Self is a practice of surrendering to our higher purpose, the knowledge, and understanding that we receive in these communications is incredibly precious. In fact, for many of us, the day-to-day experience of our feelings and thoughts is likely so clouded by distraction and lower instincts that we are likely to experience surprising new discoveries that we both know to be true and are completely “new.”  


What kind of questions can I ask my Higher Self?

Anything! It would be a mistake to think that knowledge received through the Higher Self will always be transcendent, metaphysical revelations. You may not feel like a personal finance dilemma is a “spiritual” concern, however, finances are a part of life and your relationship to them can reveal how you relate to other elements of your world. You can bring the question of how to relate to these housekeeping items to the practice of the Higher Self and see if it does not reveal something both mundane and profound that improves the health and sanity of your overall daily life.

How do I know it’s my Higher Self?

You may have doubt within the moment as to whether you're actually relating to your Higher Self. The Higher Self may appear to you in a human form, but it could also take on the shape of an animal, a color, spirit, or even an energy felt throughout the body.

Our rational minds or lower natures often try to intrude on moments of vulnerable reflection, masquerading as the Higher Self to lead you astray. If you are unsure, imagine a light shining on whatever you are experiencing as the Higher Self. If It stays the same or gets brighter, then it is your Higher Self. If it does not, simply reset, returning to the heart’s center for direction.

How do I start?

There are many ways to connect with our Higher Selves, but if you're seeking guidance or the answer to a question, the most direct way is through meditation. This process varies for everyone, but in general, a short meditation accompanied by a visualization practice is the best way to get started.

Before you begin, you may want to reflect on what question to ask your Higher Self before you move into a meditative state, that way you do not lose focus when you are in the moment. This question could be anything that is close to your heart, recently on your mind or just something simple that opens the door to an exchange.

Find a comfortable, seated position. Relax your body, and begin to focus on your breath. When you’re ready, start the audio meditation below and follow along.

We recommend following along with this meditation the first few times you try to talk to your Higher Self. Once you become more experienced, you should be able to apply the principles of focusing on the breath and visualization on your own.


I tried it but I’m not sure if it worked…

Everyone receives answers from the Higher Self in different ways and at different times. You may not receive an answer in the moment of meditation but later on, through a signal, sensation, movement, or simple but clear feeling of knowing. Be open and mindful after having met with your Higher Self. Over time, you will learn how you and your Higher Self communicate.

Given our new understanding of the Higher Self as part of you, it should come as no surprise that the meditation for accessing the Higher Self is a practice that will be unique to you as an individual while still feeling like an experience of universal truth.

Remember, if you find yourself disoriented by the meditation, you can always return your awareness to your heart center, knowing that the Higher Self is always in harmony with your drive to love, empathize and awaken.

Explore Further

As you continue to learn more about the Higher Self, communicating with it during meditation will become easier. To start your journey of exploring the Higher Self, we recommend signing up for our free online class, Connect with Your Higher Self.