3 Simple Questions to Ask Your Higher Self if You're Feeling Stuck

Georgia Pettit
February 20, 2024
woman asking her Higher Self questions

Because our spiritual journey is one that lasts a lifetime, there will be moments when we inevitably lose momentum. Perhaps we are in a stretch where we are disoriented about what we are working towards. Maybe the demands of daily life are not allowing space for spiritual alignment. Or, it could be that we are simply feeling uninspired and unmotivated to commit to the work of our practice.The reasons will vary from person to person, but rest assured this happens to all of us. In many ways, these obstacles are a central part of the journey itself. It is through challenges that we are able to encounter new or returning aspects of ourselves, deepen our self-knowledge, and strengthen our ability to navigate challenging times.We can choose to view them not as a problem, but as an opportunity to emphasize the positive aspects of ourselves and minimize the negative aspects.Remember, the Higher Self is your teacher on this journey of self-discovery and as a student, we are encouraged to ask questions about what it is we do not understand. Because the Higher Self is part you and part Source—the ultimate higher power—your Higher Self is inherently oriented towards your personal best interest and will never lead you astray. This is especially true when you are feeling stagnant, stuck, or caught in a cycle from which you’re not able to free yourself.


How to Approach the Higher Self 

To begin, set aside a time where you can allow yourself to feel vulnerable. This may mean letting people in your home know you will not be available for the next little while. You’ll want to feel supported by your meditation space, so be sure to surround yourself with elements that connect you to your more inward world. Consider bringing a journal to capture what you learn during your experience with your Higher Self.For a greater understanding of how to use the prompts below in communication with the Higher Self, consider taking our free class, Connecting to the Higher Self: The Guided Experience in order to more deeply access these powerful exercises. When you have found your inner peace through breath, have connected with your heart center, and encountered your Higher Self, ask the following questions:1. Am I right in feeling that I’m spiritually stalled on my path? Is there another reason I could be feeling disconnected from my higher purpose? Take note of what sensations you experience in answer to this question. Your Higher Self could indicate that you’re physically worn out, emotionally over-taxed, or that you're over-extended in your daily life. Consider what arises with openness and without judgment. Be open to answers that are not what you expect them to be.2. Why am I encountering these feelings? What is preventing me from being in the flow of my spiritual progress? When asking this question, prepare yourself to feel deeply. The answer that arises may not come in the form of a box to be checked. Listen intuitively, considering if this is an answer you experience in a non-verbal format. You can always go back and journal language-based reflections that arise from having experienced a more abstract response. Be brave and curious as you explore what you’re feeling.3. Why do I want to be more engaged with my path?  How will re-engaging with my path benefit me?When listening for this answer, consider how the Higher Self responds to your inquiry. Do you feel a sense of deep care and relaxation from your Higher Self? Or perhaps a brisk, awakening sensation that inspires action? What may be needed here is less about a list of steps and more about an approach. Again, let your intuition guide you. Allow your mind to take a step back and let the Higher Self fill you with the feeling of how to proceed.


Close with Courage 

In writing on spiritual impasses,Higher Self Yoga Founder Nanette V. Hucknall encourages her students to stay aware. She shares, “meditation is the best way to calm the waters of a turbulent mind and return the heart to a peaceful state.” By embarking on a quest to understand your current state of being, you are inherently reconnecting with your path.Furthermore, whatever you take from the Higher Self in these moments is especially precious because you have chosen to greet the challenge and emerge as a stronger, more focused practitioner, embodying your highest potential. Remember, the Higher Self is here for you as a source of deep insight and support.When all else fails, the simple act of being with your Higher Self in moments when you feel disconnected can be deeply healing. Allow yourself to rest in the companionship of your Highest Guide and enjoy the peace that comes with connecting to something larger than your own experience.

Georgia Pettit
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