5 Important Questions a Coach Can Help You Answer

Higher Self Yoga Editors
February 20, 2024
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A Higher Self coach is your guide and your teacher on the road of life. Think of your coach as a "triple-A" for life… wherever you are in your journey, a coach can meet you where you are, get you unstuck, and help you continue moving forward.

A coach can help you with both spiritual and practical problems. This is because the spiritual and the everyday are two sides of the same coin: we cannot progress on our spiritual journeys if we are mired down by negative habits, jobs we hate, and strained relationships.

By asking questions and working through reflective exercises, a coach can help you put together a holistic, comprehensive vision of your life that helps you leverage the power of the Higher Self to help you become a more mindful, well-rounded individual with a strong sense of who you are and where you’re meant to go. 

Here are five questions our coaches can help you with:


1. What do I want out of life?

This huge question is the foundation of your coaching experience. Many people choose to take on a coach because they feel lost, as though they have no purpose or direction in life. Even those of us who have a job we love, great friendships, and loving families can still feel like there is something missing. Locating the missing piece is often the key to understanding what is truly important to you, and our coaches can help you find it. 

It’s worth noting that our coaches don’t have a ready-made, go-to answer to this question (or any question, really!). We’re all different people with unique goals and aspirations, so like much of the advice a coach will give, the answer will vary based on who you are.  This question is so all-encompassing, so essential to defining the course of our lives, it’s likely you won’t have a clear, concise answer to this question after a single session. But once your coach begins to understand you, they can help you start putting the pieces together until a clearer picture starts to emerge. 

2. How do I start my journey towards connecting with my Higher Self?

Just because you know your destination doesn’t mean getting there is easy. Every person’s journey is unique and we all have our own obstacles to overcome, but the first step is almost always learning how to connect to your Higher Self. We all learn and progress differently, and there is no single series of exercises to do or teachings to learn. There are many paths towards connecting with your Higher Self, but a coach can help you zero in on the practices that resonate with you.

Connecting with our Higher Selves is a significant undertaking, one that requires consistency, dedication, and planning. A Higher Self Coach can keep you on track, giving you a road map of small, incremental steps that will keep you moving forward. They’ll give you advice and encouragement at every step of the way, and if you feel stuck or lost, they will be there to get you back on track. 

3. How do I become a better person?

We spend so much time being hard on ourselves for social missteps. We’ve all stayed awake at night thinking about something we said or did that we deeply regretted. This is because we want to be better people, and to spread kindness and positivity to everyone around us. Part of the spiritual journey is improving our ability to interact in a way that promotes this positivity in ourselves and in others, but it’s not always clear how to accomplish this. 

Above all, improving ourselves in this regard requires learning to listen, a skill our coaches have spent their entire spiritual journeys honing. Through reflective exercises and mindfulness, they can help you learn to listen to the inner wisdom of your heart, your intuition, and above all, your Higher Self. We all possess this inherent, powerful well of truth that lives within, but we may be too conditioned to ignore it, too scared to act on it, or too distracted to discover it. With the help of a Higher Self Yoga Coach, you’ll learn to face the obstacles standing between you and the wholeness possible when you embrace your truth. 


4. How do I become less nervous, anxious, or depressed?

Worry affects every aspect of our life. Work, school, friendships, family… mental strain can spread to every aspect of our life. The effects of this are likely all too familiar to you… lack of focus, constant stress, strained relationships, and the inability to pursue the things we love. It’s virtually impossible to make significant progress towards our life’s purpose when we suffer from chronic mental pain. 

Identifying the source of these worries is a huge aspect of coaching and learning to observe your mind and recognize your negative mental habits is the first step to overcoming the thought patterns that keep you stuck. Your coach can introduce you to practices like meditation, journaling, and other self-awareness tools to help you maintain a positive mindset. Regularly working with a coach can provide you with a consistent source of support, empathy, direction, and accountability. If you struggle with these reoccurring emotions in an ongoing way, as most of us do, giving yourself the gift of a friend in the journey can be a wonderful source of comfort and strength. 

5. What can I do if I’m feeling stagnation in my spiritual practices? 

It’s normal to feel unsure of your next step when you begin to work with your Higher Self, and staying in your comfort zone often seems like the better option. However, the longer we remain stagnant, the more we become set in our ways, and it’s easy to convince ourselves that we can’t make changes before we even try. Your coach will gently push you in the right direction and show you that you are indeed capable of achieving a deeper relationship with your Higher Self.

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