6 Things People Do Differently When They Connect With Their Intuition

Higher Self Yoga Editors
February 20, 2024
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Intuition is about learning to listen to subtle signals.

It’s about learning to value input from your heart regarding people, situations, and decisions in addition to valuing input from the mind.

Whether you are naturally intuitive or have worked to cultivate this trait, those who listen to their gut approach life in a different (and more effective) way.

Here are six things people connected to their intuition do differently: 

1) They listen to their bodies

People who are connected to their intuition listen to their bodies and, as a result, are often physically healthier in a number of ways.

Intuitive people quickly recognize when something is off with their body, and their certainty that something isn’t quite right gives them the confidence to see a doctor and advocate for their own physical health if needed.

On the flip side, they also instinctively know what works best for their body when it comes to nutrition and meal sizes. They also are more attuned to the best way to push their body in regards to exercise while avoiding injury. 

2) They are careful with who they allow into their life

People connected to their intuition are a better judge of character. They begin to notice and act on the gut reactions one gets upon meeting people.

When “red flags” arise, intuitive people learn to let those relationships go—whether they are potential friendships, romantic relationships, or professional relationships—avoiding a lot of heartache and drama in the long run.


3) They connect to their empathy

In addition to ditching toxic people, intuitive people have a deeper connection with those they do keep in their lives.

This is because connecting to their own feelings, instincts, and sense of right and wrong builds a fundamental understanding of these features in others. This is the foundation of empathy.

Empathy alongside open communication and vulnerability has the power to transform surface relationships into deep, meaningful connections. And it all starts with activating one’s own intuition.

4) They are more open to inspiration

Inspiration comes from the heart.

Since we’re conditioned in the West to largely rely on our rational mind, creativity can often be stifled. 

But intuitive people learn to sense from their heart as well as the mind. And when our heart is open and our mind is relaxed, inspiration flourishes and creativity thrives. 

5) They know what they want

Learning to connect to your intuition makes you more confident in your decisions.

In addition to any rational reasons that support a decision, intuition almost instantly synthesizes instinct, past experience, and new information to come to a conclusion. As a result, many people interpret intuition as an “inner sense of knowing.” This is why intuitive people seem to know what they want and act accordingly.


6) They follow their intended career path 

In America especially, there are strong cultural norms surrounding work and career. So strong that it’s sometimes hard to differentiate what you truly want professionally and what is expected of you.

Do you really want to be a lawyer or is that what your parents want? Do you really want to go back to work after your first child or is that just what your colleagues expect of you?

Learning to tune in to your intuition allows you to quiet outside influences and tune in to your own truth. 

How to Connect to Your Intuition

In a culture that values analytical thought as the guiding force of our life’s path, we may sometimes feel as though we’re only working with a piece of our power instead of the full scope of hidden knowledge available to us. By aligning with our innate wisdom and integrating our intuition with the heart and our higher minds, we can illuminate new choices and pathways for a fulfilling and joyful life inclusive of all our needs and desires.

Our free introductory course, Awakening Intuition with Guided Meditation and Self-Reflection, invites you to step onto a path of intuitive awakening for a more joyful, purposeful, and enlightened life. Throughout the 5  sections of the course, we’ll share meditations, lessons, and guidance for aligned decision-making, designed to support you as you learn to balance your innate wisdom, heart, and mind.

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