7 Troubling Signs Your Job Isn't The Right Fit (And How Your Higher Self Can Help)

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February 20, 2024
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Everyone has a life purpose or calling that exists in harmony with that person’s Higher Self. This purpose includes the fulfillment of our personal needs, relationships, and yes, even our jobs. When these elements are being fulfilled, then there is a synthesis and balance in one’s life, and you begin to embody a sense of spiritual fulfillment and joy. The opposite is also true: sooner or later, you will start to feel a lack of fulfillment if you are not aligned with your soul’s evolutionary purpose in life.

Considering how much time we spend at our jobs, enjoying what you do professionally is one of the biggest keys to achieving happiness and spiritual fulfillment. It doesn’t matter if your employer offers you six-figure salaries or other financial benefits; if your job doesn’t give you a sense of accomplishing your higher purpose, you'll start to feel exhausted sooner or later. 

When you feel uncertain about your career, take the time to reflect by asking your Higher Self and your Higher Mind why your current job isn’t fulfilling you spiritually. Here are seven signs your job might not be the right fit, and how you can ask your Higher Self for help:

1. You Always Feel Overwhelmed

When you land a new job, everything might seem great. The honeymoon phase may have you feeling as though you’ve found your true calling, but sometimes, employers will slowly start to assign more and more tasks, some of which may not match your position. In that case, you should identify when your duties are affecting your well-being and tell your boss what's not right.

Some jobs require us to deal with stressful situations all the time. For example, data analysts have many responsibilities on their shoulders, and they often have to make very important decisions. Given that, they might work too much and feel frustrated. If that's your case, you should ask for help when needed. Admitting you can't handle the situation can be hard on your pride, but I can assure you that you'll say "thanks" later.  Don't forget that too much stress has adverse effects on your health.

Ask Your Higher Self: Why does your current position make you feel always overwhelmed? Is there a different way you can approach your tasks to be more efficient? Would extra help from a co-worker make the position more manageable? Think about how you can ask your boss for help, making clear how any potential solutions would be not just in your best interest, but in the best interest of the company. 

2. The Benefits and Perks Are Not What You Expected

If the company doesn't offer the benefits and perks you were promised, it’s a clear sign you need to reevaluate your position. When employees don't have the perks they expect, they quickly lose motivation and provide poor results. But when employees love their job, they work harder to achieve companies' goals.

World-class companies like Samsung and Netflix provide workers with perks like parental leave and plenty of paid vacation. Still, on-site perks are what make them feel engaged. Some bigger companies even offer on-site perks like free food, gym classes, and spa sessions. These might seem excessive, but they allow workers to relax and get ready to go back to work. 

Ask Your Higher Self: What benefits do you feel were promised and not delivered? What do other companies in the same field offer their employees that yours does not? Ask other employees what benefits they’d like to see, as a request to management could have a bigger impact coming from a number of team members. 

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3. You Don't Feel Valuable

A big paycheck is great, but humans need positive affirmation from those around them to truly feel good about what they do. Feeling frustrated at work will lead to general feelings of happiness, clouding your connection to your Higher Self and making it harder to see your true path. 

Ask Your Higher Self: What specific accomplishments of yours do you feel are being overlooked? Does everyone on the team feel the same way, or are you the only one who feels this way? If the company doesn't recognize how valuable you are, talk to your boss and let them know how you feel, reminding them of what you’ve accomplished. Sometimes, employers incentivize workers by giving bonuses for hitting certain goals.


4. You Can't Use Your Strengths

If you're in a job where you can't use your best skills, you’ll quickly start to feel as though you’re not living up to your full potential. It’s not just important to keep your mind sharp on a day-to-day basis, flexing the muscles of your best abilities allows you to stay relevant and be ready for future jobs. 

Ask Your Higher Self: What are your biggest strengths, and why haven’t you been able to use them yet? Is it because your company is overlooking them, or because you haven’t had the chance to show them what you can do? Find out if there are any new projects coming up at your company that would allow you to use your best skills, and ask your boss and see if there's any chance of working on new projects that better match your skillset. This will give you a chance to prove what you can do, opening the door to asking for a new position or new responsibilities down the road. If they continually refuse, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. 

5. The Job Doesn't Allow You to Grow

Not having growth opportunities is among the main reasons for leaving a job. When workers can't grow, they feel uncomfortable in the workplace. If you can't grow professionally or personally, you consider your options. When there are no growth opportunities, your job is providing you with nothing more than a salary.

Ask Your Higher Self: See if there's any chance to get promoted or get a new position in the future. If you know you'll be in the same position for the rest of your life, don't hesitate to write a resignation letter. Look for vacancies in companies that can help you grow.  


6. You Can't Develop Your Skills

Developing your skills is indispensable to remain competitive and have better job opportunities. In an ideal work situation, you’ll be consistently challenged with new opportunities. 

Ask Your Higher Self: What skills do I need to continue moving toward my goals? What projects in my current role would help me cultivate those skills? If your responsibilities at the company don’t help you develop professionally, consider asking your boss for a company subscription to an online course provider like Lynda.

Tip: You can also ask for tuition reimbursement benefits. If your boss agrees to your request, you can enroll in coding bootcamps. Coding schools have become popular because they provide students with the right knowledge to help them stand out from the competition. By learning in-demand programming tools, they can help organizations innovate the market.  

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7. The Work Environment is Awful

Feeling comfortable at the workplace is one of the most important things when landing a new job. When the work environment is toxic, no amount of money or internal positivity can keep your spirits up.

Ask Your Higher Self: What is it about the job that feels so unbearable? Is it the level of responsibility, management policies, or a particular co-worker or supervisor? If you can't get a new position inside the company, consider starting up your job search with the help of your Higher Self. 

Working Further with the Higher Self

Remember to keep the dialogue with your Higher Self open. Learning how to connect with your Higher Self and understanding heart-mind analysis are essential parts of this process. Always have a sincere, honest conversation with your Higher Self before making any dramatic life changes.

What signs did you notice when a job wasn't a good fit?

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