Walking in the Sun

Nanette V. Hucknall
February 20, 2024
large sunflowers beneath a sunny sky

Q: Why does a walk in a sunny setting in nature help us to feel better when we are down?

A. Walking in the garden, through a forest or on a beach helps us feel better due to the positive effects of the sun’s energy. As a ball of fiery energy, the sun truly directs the life of nature on this planet. Its light power is the source of the life force on the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. Whether we are aware of it or not, the sun’s energy affects our daily moods, our emotions, our bodily functions, and those elements in our system that need balancing. Sick people often want to lie in the sun, and when they do so, they feel better. Elderly people prefer living in sunny places because the sun revivifies them. In countries with little sunlight in winter months, there is more depression, more suicides, and more drug and alcohol abuse than in countries that have sunlight at least seven hours a day. It is refined energy that provides a sense of inner vitality. For example, if you are walking in the sun, you feel warmth that is physical, and you also feel warmth that comes into your heart. Notice this, and notice the difference between the two. The physical warmth is coming from the penetrating rays from the sun and, of course, it is important to protect yourself from too much exposure; but the warmth in your heart comes from the light energy that both penetrates the body and enhances the spirit.

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Try this exercise when you go for a walk:

1. Take a walk and, during the walk, stand in a place that is full of sunlight. As you stand in the light, experience how this feels.

2. Ask your Higher Self to let you experience the sun’s light energy and ask to feel it within your body.

3. Next, go to a place where there is no sunlight and try to experience how this place feels. Again ask your Higher Self to help you discern the difference between the two. Try this several times and each time ask to experience the feelings even more. After several tries, you should begin to have some very profound experiences. These experiences are all related to taking in the light energy.

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