Working with the Higher Self, Decoded

Manisha Priyadarshan
February 20, 2024
woman meditating in front of ocean

The Higher Self, Personified

When you first begin working with the Higher Self, you might be unsure of what form It will take. How do you know if what you are seeing or experiencing is really the Higher Self? Rest assured, the Higher Self can be personified in many ways, and not all of them human in nature. The Higher Self can be a man or a woman, regardless of your own gender identity. It can also take on the form of an animal, a color, or even an energy felt throughout the body. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Now that we know what forms the Higher Self can take, how will we know if we’ve experienced it? The truth is, the Higher Self will come to all of us differently, and that is perfectly normal! Think about it. You are unique, so why wouldn’t the Higher Self communicate with you in a unique way? Perhaps you will be able to picture It within your mind, or perhaps you will feel It in your body. No way is the right way - any combination of sensory experiences may well be the way the Higher Self chooses to reveal its presence to you, and we should let go of judgment to keep ourselves open to receive Its message.

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Keep Emotions in Check

Ah, emotions. Those fickle little creatures that remind us of our humanness (which is a good thing) but can also act as an unassuming extension of the ego. We have to be cognizant of our personal desires and emotions when contacting the Higher Self, especially because our needs can often interfere with the message being conveyed. Beginners, particularly, should make sure to thoroughly evaluate the Higher Self when first experiencing it, though even the most advanced seekers are not immune to self-serving thoughts corrupting the message. 

We can work through the cloud of our personal desires by validating the Higher Self in two ways. 

1.) We can ask the Higher Self to show us visual cues for a “yes” or “no” question, such as a sensation in your left leg for “yes” or a twitch in your right leg for “no.” 

2.) We can practice shining light on the Higher Self during our meditation. If the light rays stay or become brighter, it is indeed the Higher Self. If they disappear or turn dark, however, it is likely the message being revealed is not of the Higher Self, and should therefore not be regarded.

It’s important to note that as you become more advanced in your journey, you might feel the pull of the “shadow side.” The shadow side of our personality is essentially the part of our conscious that reacts negatively to the Higher Self. It may make its presence known as a series of negative thoughts and feelings that come on, suddenly. If this happens, don’t become angry at yourself for experiencing these emotions; view them in a detached manner, or even turn them over to the Higher Self for clarity.

Don’t Be Discouraged!

The Higher Self has the ability to evolve, and the more you use it to guide you, the more you will see and feel its presence in your daily life. Don’t shy away from asking the Higher Self just because you feel your problem is insignificant. There is no problem too small nor task to mundane for the Higher Self. Over time, you will no longer communicate with the Higher Self in Its separate form, but will feel it in your heart as being one with you, so deeply entwined that it is now part of your personal evolution.

Don’t be discouraged if when you first attempt to work with the Higher Self, you feel that contact has been brief and nothing has been accomplished. The truth is that every action you take brings you closer to the Higher Self, and even experienced seekers will find that there will be both ebbs and flows in the communication. There will be times when you communicate with the Higher Self fully, and times when it appears that nothing is happening at all during meditation. Keep persisting. The more you do, the stronger your connection to It will become. If you find that you are working with the Higher Self and it suddenly disappears, connect with your heart chakra and demand that the Higher Self return. More often than not, when summoned It will oblige.

No matter what form the Higher Self takes, It will always be a wonderful experience to work with. Remember, It works with you as a whole, incorporating all aspects of what makes you, well, you, both physically, mentally, and circumstantially. It doesn’t matter where you are or how busy you are, if you seek the Higher Self, It will always find a way to reach you. Don’t become disheartened if you do not receive the answer you are looking for immediately; the Higher Self reveals information in its own time, when you are ready to receive it. Its ways are not to be questioned, merely accepted, and it is only by forming this relationship of utmost trust and surrender that you will truly reap the benefits of working with the Higher Self.

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